Impact Resistant Roof

Impact Resistant Roof

An impact resistant roof saves you money on insurance premiums. Installing an impact resistant shingle will preserve the look of your home and add structural integrity. Your new hail proof roof will weather the storm for years to come.  IR shingles withstand up to 2″ diameter hail. Hail that big will damage most regular shingles and roofs.  IR Roofs are the future of home protection from mother nature.  There is a range of impact resistant shingles on the market today.

Impact Resistant Shingle

Impact Resistant Shingles are what define an impact resistant roof. An IR shingle is more durable than your typical shingle. The durability allows for better protection against externalities associated with roof damage. This is why an IR roof is desirable in comparison to a standard roof. However, the perks of an IR roof come with highers costs since quality is correlated with price. But if you want a hail proof roof, you will need to increase your spending in order to obtain the hail proof product.

In every Impact Resistant Roof composed of Impact Resistant Shingles, you will notice a difference on how long your roof lasts in comparison to your neighbors who may have the standard shingled roof. The durability of an IR roof compared to the durability of a standard roof is noticeable to the extent of the length of time you have between replacing your roofs. Instead of having to get a roof repair or replacement every 10-15 years with a standard roof, you may only need to repair or replace your roof every 20-30 years with an impact resistant shingle.

Since areas like the midwest has various weather hazards such as hail and wind, an IR roof is worth the extra buck. So when shopping for a hail proof roof, spend the extra amount to get the extra protection. After all, you get what you pay for!